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Welcome to CG Online Tutorials
Welcome to CG Online Tutorials - This is part one in the tutorial series on creating floor plan in AutoCAD. In this part of tutorial we are going to learn how to create the walls by using offset, trim, fillet, extend, etc., commands.

  AutoCAD Tutorials

Creating Floor Plan Tutorial in AutoCAD – Part One – Creating Walls - Tutorial for beginners 

Written by Srinivas  
Monday, 16 September 2013
Category AutoCAD - Basic and Drafting  
Hello and welcome, my name is Srinivas and I have created this tutorial series on creating a simple Floor Plan using AutoCAD 2010 application. This is the first part of the tutorial and here we are going to discuss more about how to start up the application and we are going to learn to create the drawing from scratch and also learn to make necessary changes to the work space like by setting up the drawing limits and also make changes to the toolbars and we shall also discuss few things about customization part before starting our drawing like setting up the units and edit command aliases (acad.php) file and we shall learn to use several ways by which you can create the floor plan and so on.
First of all you have to install AutoCAD on your computer, you can get a trail copy from Autodesk company as they provide a trail copy which can be used for a month and later you have to purchase the license if you find the application useful or else you have to uninstall the program from your computer. You can find the link for trail version of AutoCAD in the home page of Autodesk website. If you do not find it in the home page you have to just browse through the Products page where you will be able to find the trail version download link for AutoCAD application.
After installing the AutoCAD application we shall start creating the floor plan, but before going ahead I want to let you know that there are several ways to create a drawing in AutoCAD. You can start creating a floor plan by using a Rectangle or a Line or a Multiline. Most of the time I feel comfortable using Line to create a floor plan, but I will also show you how we can use other objects like Rectangle or Multiline to create the same drawing at the initial part of this tutorial so that you can decide the best thing that is suitable for you. So let us start with this tutorial and go ahead creating a simple floor plan. First and foremost that we should do is, we have to first draw a rough sketch in a piece of paper. In which we have to show what the dimensions would be and how the layout of the floor plan should be. Based on that sketch we are going to start creating the floor plan in AutoCAD. I have drawn a rough sketch in a paper and I got it scanned and same I have posted below. As you can see the below image you have a rough idea about the layout of the floor plan.
Step One
As I have already created a rough sketch of the floor plan, let us start creating the same in AutoCAD. First let us create a rectangle with 26’3” X 32’3” dimension, which is the outer dimension of the floor plan. I am going to use ‘Rec’ and ‘offset’ commands to complete the basic shape of the floor plan as shown below.
Figure 1.
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