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How To Extrude A Rentangle Into A Solid In 3ds Max?  

Written by Callahan  
Monday, 02 June 2008
Category 3ds Max - Modeling  
This is basic tip for a beginner in using 3ds Max application. Some times it would be very frustrating to even accomplish a simple task like extruding a plane into a solid object. I tried created a simple rectangle and then turned it into 'Editable Poly' and then selected the top face and extruded it. But the fact is, it does not extrude it as a solid. It only extrudes the sides and the top up without the bottom. I even tried adding a cap holes modifier and it does not work. Final I came around the problem as shown below.
Step One
Go to 'Command Panel' and then select 'Create' tab and then select 'Shapes' tab. Now select 'Rectangle' tool from the list as shown below.
Figure 1.  Click here to view larger image.
Step Two
Create a 'Rectangle' with property values as shown below.
Figure 2.  Click here to view larger image.
Step Three
Select 'Modifier' tab under 'Command' panel and then select 'Extrude' modifier from 'Modifier List' drop down list as shown below.
Figure 3.  Click here to view larger image.
Step Four
Now parameters change the value for 'Amount' as '50.0' units and then make sure that you have selected both 'Cap Start' and 'Cap End' option under 'Capping' tab as shown below. that is it we have finished creating a solid using a 2D spline without converting it into a 'Editable Polygon'.
Figure 4.  Click here to view larger image.
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