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Welcome to CG Online Tutorials
Welcome to CG Online Tutorials - This is Autodesk Maya Modeling tutorial category web page and you can find link of a useful Autodesk Maya modeling tutorials regarding Interior Design and Modeling a Room in Autodesk Maya, hosted in other web sites. If you want to suggest a tutorial please do contact us, you can find our email address at the bottom of the web page.

Autodesk Maya Modeling Tutorials - Interior Design - Modeling a Room

Interior Design - Modeling a Room 

In this project we create a NURBS glass jug model. The instructor you'll be following along with in this project is Jason Edwards who is a Senior Modeler at Digital Domain. The first part covers the modeling process where we use the CV curve tool to build a curve around which we revolve the surface of the jug. Using NURBS and curves techniques like the one explained in this tutorial will allow you to generate household objects like cups, mugs and plates really quickly so it's very useful to learn.

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